Wall Murals

wall mural flowers

Wall murals-outside wall:nursery school Painted vibracrete wall murals : outside wall for a nursery school in Cape Town. Mural art works wonders trans...

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Wall murals-outside wall

mural lego playhouse

Wall murals :  playhouse – wall mural   This  project is to show how wall murals don’t need to be painted on only on walls. I recently ...

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Wall murals-playhouse

wall mural space theme

Wall murals-space theme : boys room   This wall murals-space theme can only be described as out of this world .The perfect wall mural for a boys room...

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Wall murals-space theme

wall mural art train theme

Wall murals-boys themed rooms : trains/dolphins A set of wall murals-boys themed rooms:Painted wall murals of a train and dolphins themes designed aro...

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Wall murals-boys themed rooms

wall mural sea side

Wall murals : Sea side – wall mural. An outside painted wall mural of a beautiful sea view , can be used as a focal feature in  your garden.Wa...

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Wall murals-Sea side


Wall Murals are the core of what I do , this medium can take on many different forms, from the general hand painted wall mural to the more safisticate...

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Murals -wall murals