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wpid-wp-1410029252381.jpeg  Chalk art and signage on chalk painted walls  similar to a painted wall mural  or  painted signage . With a variation of fonts and colors, also use chalk paint were  needed.
Although chalk art is fairly new to me as I haven’t been doing it very long. To be  honest I really didn’t want to do it. I am not big on doing hand painted signage to  begin with ,I can do it but its one area of my field I don’t necessary enjoy.

The reasons are the generally spacing, it is complicated and experience that clients  want certain wording in a certain space with no real idea what size they want it in.  This can create problems that can lead to having to do chalk signage over and  over again. Now it all seems quite easy if its wrong just rub the chalk out .But  when you have a newly painted chalk board you don’t want chalk ghosting all over it. So making a mistake becomes a challenge.. The other thing is you might think you have worked out all your spacing feeling confident enough to start writing only to realize an hour later that you might have made a small calculation error, that sends you back to start.

So no if you like me and read faster than you write and therefore miss out a word or spell a word incorrectly , it makes writing a menu for instance very challenging ,if not frustrating . To add to your misery you doing this in around customers perched in an odd angle over a pizza counter or stretching your limbs as far a possible because  the ladder just a tad to short. No not my first idea of fun, but I have had so many request to do chalk art I realised it was something I needed to learn to do. The positive side is knowing I am more likely to miss words, misspell words I reread and reread my project layout. So over time I find it is getting better.

My first chalk project was in a five-star hotel in green point .They had asked me if I would do their valentine menu I said that I didn’t do chalk art but gave them a number of someone who might be able to help them.I am not quite sure what happened to that , but just before valentine’s day I got a call from them begging me to reconsider. Well what can a girl do, my first challenge was to find the chalk. I kinda had an idea that it wasn’t the chalk one buy at your local market. So I called my art supplier I was thrilled when they told me they stock the chalk I was looking for . As they say the rest is history.





4 thoughts on “Chalk Art

  1. Good day,
    Looking for a chalk board artist for restaurant menu in cape town.
    Any chance you can recommend someone willing and able?


  2. Hi.

    I have a restaurant witch has a wall with a chalk board i want done. Please get in contact to do a qoute

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