Mural Wall Art.. adding a splash of colour.


Welcome to Mural Wall Art

We are a Cape Town based business that specializes in children’s wall murals, wall decor murals,floor murals  for schools, hospitals ,businesses, homes and events .We also do hand painted signage and custom design chalkboards, canvases and a host of other art related services.
Click onto our Gallery to view our murals and commercial work Included are murals, portraits, illustrations, trompe le’oil , kids murals, charcoals, sign writing, chalk boards, chalk art, marbling, paint techniques, decorative design and logos.
View our before and after gallery to see the process of wall mural paintings, or our latest projects gallery folders for our latest’s projects.
I have been painting murals on all kinds of mediums for the past ten years ,offering murals at affordable prices and working hard to make wall murals accessible to all,we hope you enjoy our website and if you want to know more feel free to. contact me.


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