Wall decals quotations


 This is a trend that is not going to go away in a while. People are expressing themselves if   not in their blogs it’s with their pictures, if not with their pictures it’s with this  quotations . People are now taking their life quotes and painting them in their homes,    kitchen ,bathroom or the bedroom .

  We have a quote in our dinning room area. And well what can I say ,it’s a  great  conversational topic around the dinner table when we have guessed that see it for  the  first time. It’s generally followed with ‘can I call you and will you be willing to do the  same  thing for me ?’ As much as I am not big into signage this is more fun to do ,you can play with fonts and add glitter or my favorite pearl paint.

I have added a few pics of wall quotations I have done.

 SAMSUNG SAMSUNG 29122011083


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