Wall murals-Hospital Ward |mural wall art

Murals-Hospital ward  themed wall mural. 


 Wall murals-Hospital ward recently revamped a children’s ward with colourful painted wall murals, creating a child friendly environment.

Had the huge challenge and privilege of doing a wall mural art project at a  local hospital, with an array of different themes to create a friendly  environment. I truly admire the staff that work so faithfully  at our public  hospitals. The idea for the ward was to have different themes for  each room.  This wasn’t so difficult to do, I choose some of my favorites-like  my comic  animals. But also introduced some new ones like mice. I enjoyed  doing the  mice and will surely use the theme again. Mice are just so cute, there is  something naughty about them! I also did ceiling murals these get  requested  by hospitals a lot, the reason been that children spend a lot of time  staring at  the ceiling, it’s also a great tool for doctors to use to distract children  in pain  or distress. It’s amazing how wall mural art can be used in a situation were refocusing a child at times can be very important .


Wall Murals : Hospital ward – wall mural

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