Canvas Art

Canvas art for kids rooms.

Children’s canvas art or fine art canvases for home decor . We stretch our own canvases , to accommodate any size canvas you want . We are therefore also able to do a collage of canvases . Gone are the days of having to buy expensive artwork that you would hunt for from gallery to gallery , you can now order as per your colors scheme and selected images. We are able to also source and purchase images for you . We also do canvas art that can go with the theme of a room .

Had a client that wanted mural painted with a train theme , decided to also add a train border on the adjacent wall to pull though the overall theme . As you can see with the pics below there is a large empty space above the painted train border. This is where we placed a trio of canvases that were stretched to fit the space , and were painted to match the same color shade of the wall and theme of the border below it . To have them custom-made is a great time saver because there is no need to hunt for canvases that fit in with a chosen theme or match a certain color scheme.




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