Labor costing for painting a murals are quoted either at a per hour or per day cost ,including paint . Which costing is used largely depends on the complexity of the mural, and the number of days the overall project will take. 

An average childrens room  for example can vary from R1500 to R4000 . If you are including ceiling murals or murals that have uv paint and uv lights that need to be shipped and customised the cost will be higher.

Due the the fluctuation of petrol price, traveling cost are added separately and depends on the area in which you live.

If a theme that has already been painted for another project  is preferred  a small concept fee is charged.

If the images are your property the concept fee not included.

But if you desire a concept to be designed there is a daily labor cost  and a image pack added.

Images are purchased for the sole purpose of copyright use.

I will gladly come and measure the space you want painted or you are welcome to send me the height and width of the space.The image you want painted and the area you live in and i will be able to provide you with an estimated quote.

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