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As a mural wall artist i  have been painting wall murals all over Cape Town for the past eight years . My specialty is a variety of children’s themed wall murals,

I studied in Johannesburg for three years to obtain my national diploma as a jewelry designer  and worked  as a commercial designer for  five years before I started my own business. It was in the  jewelry industry that I learnt computer design and the  fundamentals of commercial design . It’s my  background in jewelry design that helped me understand the concept  of creating depth through  shading  and contrast, and the importance of light.

 It was a wood factory called Wood Ways, that makes children’s doll houses that invited me to paint  a mural on a  doll  house. That  moved me  in the direction of painting in a  bigger scale.
image_0083 This experience was the spring-board for what I do today.

Creatively I like versatility and a challenge. My mind is always looking forward to the next challenge.


What I probably love most about what I do is finishing a project. It is the moment   I step back and see a new world before my eyes, you either in a meadow, under the sea or on an African safari.  It’s able for a moment to transport you to another world.

I am of the believe my talent and ability is God-given, and that we all have talents and abilities that are designed and given for a Godly purpose.

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