SPECIAL Projects

Special Projects

The Bottle Cap Path

When a client calls and asks can you do a path out of bottle caps. I am not sure what you would do, but i didn’t respond immediately. This has been to date my most challenging project . For a number reasons, firstly it was  done with epoxy.Which is a tricky substance to a novice. Secondly it was done off premises and transported over the clients Premises, and thirdly weather delays. Now i could write a book about this experience it was that complicated and long. It would have drama, tears laughter and a happy ending …then a sequill called bottle cap path in Cement. That is right, after two years the client wanted the path made out of cement. There is still learning curves  been taught by hot African sun i am still learning months on.

Sustainable Living

An en-devour to educate Primary school students on sustainable living ,was started by an environmental group in cape town. The students were tasked to draw an image that presented sustainable living to them. The two winning image got the opportunity to have there winning image painted as a mural at there school. That is were i got the opportunity to add my artistic ability to this project. I got the two winning image and the area the school wanted the murals painted . I can only hope that this inspired the students to continue painting and drawing we all got to start somewhere ,and to continue to look after the environment. 

   Winning Enrty Students Winning Entry

       Students Winning Enrty