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Chalk art

I do a lot of what I call chalk art, but it can also be  called chalk signage.

A framed free standing chalk board,an a frame, a board attached to a wall or a wall painted with chalk paint. There is a variety of ways to get a chalk board look and feel in an space.

They still popular as signage displays ,i believe this is because there is something authentic about chalkboards, in the computerized world we live in, with its  vinyls ect, having a hand drawn board somehow feels more natural and earthy.

Black chalk paint is still the most popular colour, probably to the fact that white signage is most visibility against a darker background. That said, you do get a chalk paint in variety of colours  from earth tones to bright blue etc. These can be found at your local hardware like Builders.

How do i go about using your services?

If you are wanting or needing a chalkboard menu written out ,we will require some information from you.

The width and height of the board or area you want to place your signage in, sometimes adding a picture of the wall etc helps.The information you want to use. The information you provide helps us in putting a design  together for you. We then work on the design together with you, to achieve the best product at the end of the day.

Designs of Boards and the actual Board.


What will it cost?

For us to give you the most accurate quotation we need to know the following

Do you need us to repaint your existing board or walls. Or is this something you have done or going to do.If so we recommend that you use Medal chalk board paint ( it has a very black base and is water based, meaning you can use water to wash paint brushes and rollers) This paint can be found at Jacks Paints.

Do you have a pre-exiting design or do you need us to put a design together for you.

The complexity of your design, will it take us a few hours or a few days to do. On average most signage never takes longer than a day.

Which area are you situated in. We need to know as we cost trips to and from business per km. This is because we work in a number of different area all over the Wester Cape.

Are you needing a chalk board made up for you. If so we can recommend Wood Concept or Timberoots.

                                                                                                                           Board Made By Wood Concepts

What is the cost to have a board made up?

The costing will depend on the size of the board you want, are you wanting the board frame painted, if so will it be white or a particular colour. Do you want a plain or a fancy frame. Will you collect the board or should it be couriered to you. 

Perspex Covers 

We can supply and attach perspex covers to your boards if you need them to stand outside..This said we do not advise that boards we left directly in the sun especially with perspex or in the rain, as the boards are made of wood.

Boards Covered With Perspex 

Boards That Are Hand Painted

Sometimes our clients prefer paint painted boards or signage , normally it’s for board that mostly stand outside and the information on it does not need to be changed regularly. These board are more expensive to do as they take longer to do due to the process of the painting  two to three coats of paint o achieve solid and vibrant colours on a black background. 

Hand painted Boards

What is new

There are two new trends i have come across , one is the writing of signage with chalk pen on shop front windows.

The other is  acrylic wedding displays. Both these trends we can supply so feel see to inquire about this.

Window Chalk Pen Art                Wedding Acrylic Displays

If you wanting to see more of our chalkboards please visit or Chalk Art Gallery













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