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We are sometimes approached by corporations that would like to use the painting of a mural as a charity day event or team building exercise  , we will paint the outline  of image layouts that we have designed  we provide the mixed colors paints and brushes and assist people to paint and fill in the mural .We also come afterwards and tidy up the lines. These days are generally a whole day event were lunch is served and opportunity for employees to partake in a creative exercise .

 Wall mural art corporate project :children’s hospital.

As previously mentioned I do mural art projects for corporate events, this kind of event requires  planning of mural painting aspect of the event. As the artist I supply the art materials, paints , paint containers, rags etc. I need to foresee that every person has the equipment needed to keep them occupied for the hours of the event. This is quiet a task.

It all starts with a quotation, that not only covers the supplies but my time and travelling cost, and a design that will be approved by the organizers and sponsors alike. Sometimes there will be a request by the sponsors detaining to their brand. In this case it was a pharmaceutical company that uses the monarch butterfly as there branding. So the mural had to include this butterfly. Once the design is approved the sourcing of equipment and materials begin.

The event that was organized was for a children hospital. They wanted a mural painted – but they wanted it on panel boards, as they had plans to move the department in the future and they wanted to be able to move the mural when that took place. The area allocated for the mural was not a very large area . Keep in mind that you have people standing next to each other painting a mural. Each person needs a comfortable space around them, so you don’t want to many people cramped in a small space trying to paint a mural. To solve both problems I made a wooden frame that was attached to the wall. I then had six large hard board panels cut that fitted on the frame . This made transporting the whole mural easier. I could assemble the frame on the premises, before the event. I primer the boards and drew the mural on the six panel board in charcoal, and then outlined elements of the mural with the allocated colors.

On the day a few of the ladies more comfortable painting the detail on the boards, were given a bag with water container and a number of paint containers with the paint colors they would need, paint brushes in different sizes and a color copy of the mural outlining their panel. . To make the process easier the colors were marked with words like “tree “or “branch “. The mixing a the color is possibly the most challenging this can take a whole day as you duplicating colors for panels that fit next to each other.

For people who did not feel comfortable, painting finer detail we decided to do a wall of stripes, this is a great concept for a number of reasons, stripes for a child’s environment is plain fun. The other reason is that it’s not as simple as painting a wall in plain colors and is a great task for individuals at an event like this that took up half a day . The other task was stenciling , I outlined a number of stencils in pencil that could be used as a guide for those that wanted to do stenciling. This is a task that both male and female participants feel comfortable with.

Every aspect is done before hand, like the taping the striped edges on the wall, etc. The only thing people attending the event is required to do- is paint. I also do all paint bush washing and water container cleaning. It just works so mush better , than having a number of people standing in a que to wash their brushes. It also prevents people for using a brush then just leaving it to dry, if they decide to use another size brush.

The group that was part of this project, had a lunch break with picnic bags they were supplied , and given a tour of the hospital as part of the event . During their painting project they also provided with snacks and drinks.

This particular groups were from different countries , they were attending a workshop in Cape Town organized by the sponsoring pharmaceutical company that they worked for, in their respective 3.

Of course the mural and walls are not works of perfection when the event is offer. My final task on these projects is the come back and do the final touch up. Photos are taken then taken by the organizers of the finished product and sent to he company for newsletters etc with a thank you note of support.

The remaining paint, brushes etc are donated to an organization that would need them. I prefer to not keep any of the paints or materials etc. that are used, but rather buy new materials and paints for each new project. I do this of keep the quotation simple. The items bought are quoted to the company and they ultimately own the items, whereby if I bought the paints etc it would be a in a hiring capacity. How do you hire paint used for a project? Without having requote for what was used on the day.

This kind of day is generally finished of with the handing over of a check to the school, hospital etc.

This mural wall project took half a day we started at 9:00 in the morning and finished at 14:00

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