Wall murals-playhouse

Wall murals :  playhouse – wall mural

mural lego playhose

  This  project is to show how wall murals don’t need to be painted on only on walls. I recently did a wall mural art project  for a company called  Wood  Concepts they make the most amazing children’s playhouses .The  kind of playhouses as a child I could only dream about ! The playhouse I had to settle for, was the deep freeze cardboard box, that I cut a  door and windows  out with the use of my mothers’ kitchen bread knife . That had to be my playhouse that is until the rain came and turned my it into  a soggy mess. Nothing like these play houses,  we talking tunnels with wooden  chalk boards and Lego table, begonias with solar lanterns.Truly a child dream home away from home , that place that a child can play house house in true style.Oh  if only I was a child again with  parents that had deep pockets….As you will see from the pictures below the one theme is a boys leg theme , while the other is a girl’s garden theme .Here I used a wisteria vine, was inspired me was the begonia. These are.the kind of vine I would associate with this kind of feature.Again the themes are created around the childs interests.Once again as in my jungle animal themed post synthetic grass has been used to add to the overall effect.Every detail is looked into when creating this kind of child friendly environment
This project was a wonderful  opportunity to show how the concept of wall murals can be used on something  other than a wall.   

CYMERA_20140722_152956 CYMERA_20140722_152945 (1)  CYMERA_20140722_152916 CYMERA_20140722_152815CYMERA_20140722_152928


Wall murals :  playhouse – wall mural



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