Wine Cellar Cupboard Mural

Wine Cellar Cupboard Mural

I was called a friend that had a great vision for a Wine Cellar Cupboard Mural to be painted on set of cupboards in her lounge.When I saw the image I must be honest the word challenge came to mind. But been a person that doesn’t shrink from a challenge I gladly accepted the project . Also because  I got chance to send some quality time with a client I regards as a friend. Who would have known that the greatest challenge would be getting work done between lengthy coffee and lunch breaks. My client was delighted with the results and sadly my lovely time came to an end.

Murals are mostly painted on walls but due to the innovative paints we find in hardware stores today,they can now be painted on melamine surfaces, tiles and even floors. There is so many examples of these projects on pinterest. As long as you have the correct base coat and the correct prep work done Murals can last for along time on these mediums. Keep in mind what the cupboard is used for , my clients cupboard was a linen cupboard , not used as much as a kitchen cupboard for example. Keep in mind areas that in constant use like kick boards and areas around door handles. Make provision for these area with a tough sealant, if you are planning a decorative paint technique on your cupboards. Take the time to chat tp paint reps , take an image of what you want to paint. If you not totally sure do a small sample area, giving ample time for the products to dry in between layers, when you set out to do your project. I used an exterior interior paint for this mural, the area was sanded before hand and a universal primer was paint on as base coat. This coat was given a few days to dry as its solvent based before i started to paint the mural.

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