Wall murals-nursery school classroom frog – mural

Wall murals-nursery school classroom frog themed wall mural

mural frog theme A nursery school in Cape Town used a cute frog theme  for there classroom  wall mural. Allowing children an artistic view of frogs in a pond.

This nursery school was one of my  first  customers, when I just  started out, they have been  a great support to my business over the past nine years I have been painting wall murals  Each  classroom at the school has an animal that it  represents, in this case  that animal or should I say amamphibian is the frog.

 I enjoy painting  water themes Iin general ,  the reason I believe it is  because of the aqua blue color, I just love the color, its a very tanquil color.      The other thing that I liked about this wall mural design,  was that it visually appears like a  tank, so  that  the kids could imagine  what frogs got up to  under the  water. It also reminds me about a certain music video my Paul MMccarthy “we all stand together” , I can so recall the frog singing on the lily pads … It makes me relive my childhood all over again .That is just one way a wall mural bookmarks moments in your childhood , as adults the childen in this classroom will always have an association with frogs in a pond.


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Wall Murals : Classroom -wall mural 


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