Stain Glass Mural Boards

Stain Glass Mural Boards 

We had the opportunity to work alongside a number of enthusiastic volunteers ready to leave their mark on a beautiful piece of artwork. The Stain Glass Mural Boards was to brighten up very drab face brick wall in a hospital in Johannesburg. I had seen this stain glass image on the net and thought this would make for a fun event project. We could not paint directly onto the wall so we did some boards that would fit next to each other to create an overall image.

The only role I play is paint provider, color director and paint brush washer. The image for the mural is given before hand and everyone skill is tested on there given area. Overall it’s a fun exercise for all , lots of laughs as some thrive and some are greatly challenged . The result is always the same, a day filled with lots of feel good memories and a lovely image left behind. The event gives testimony to  cooperates generosity , people care and concern for there communities ,and the team work that can do wonders- even if it’s challenging.

The people on the receiving end are always blown away with the results and the efforts  made when South African gather to make a difference. That is what these project are ultimately about , people reaching out to others is need, to uplift to support and the unify us in creating a better South Africa for all.

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