Wall murals-boys themed rooms

Wall murals-boys themed rooms : trains/dolphins

A set of wall murals-boys themed rooms:Painted wall murals of a train and dolphins themes designed around boys room decor and preferences.When painting a wall mural i consider the environment of the artwork , the prominent color scheme ,the kind of images used ect.Alot of it get discussed with my clients and sometimes with the child input added,I generally provide images that I source beforehand for my clients to approve.

I did the murals of the attached images ,when I received a  call from a client which I last saw six years prior ,to redo her children’s bedroom murals. I did a set of murals for her when her one son was a toddler and she expecting her second son at that time . She recently had the murals I painted removed as they were not age appreciate anymore. But she told me her sons complained that they wanted the pictures on their wall back, so she called me to repaint their rooms.  Her one son had developed an interest for trains, and mom had chosen red and grey for the room. While her other son liked dolphins. So I set out to paint murals that were a bit more mature and she could use for a while.

CYMERA_20130923_130440 CYMERA_20130918_161040


Wall murals:boys room-wall mural.


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