Wall murals-Cape Town taxi wall mural

Wall murals-Cape Town taxi wall mural.

wall Mural Taxi

 Wall murals-Cape Town hospital paints children’s wall mural theme around taxi,  focusing on the role of the taxi industry plays in Cape town. 

This was my first taxi wall mural theme I had the opportunity of painting  , it was  requested by the sponsors  that revamped a new children’s ward in a local Cape Town    hospital. The theme was chosen mostly because  children can easily relate to this  from  of transport, as its how most children find there way to  from and to hospitals all over the province .Something most people will not know is many provisional hospitals support families with finance for the these trips and supply transport for them for those families that travel far distances , dropping them in font of there doors. So I worked at  making it a family affair , with mom , gran and  gran dad, my thoughts were around  the everyday event of  parents experience every mornings putting their children onto the local  schools taxi bus. I tried to represent our rainbow nation in this mural. The wall  adjacent to it had to be a farmyard  theme, as the sponsor was a local grocery store.


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wall mural taxi

wall mural taxi


Wall Murals : taxi – wall mural.


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