Wall murals-Undersea dolphin wall mural

 Wall murals-Undersea dolphin wall mural

Undersea Dolphin wall mural painted for a little girls room.Wall murals can be used to transform a room with the use of vibrant cool colors.

Like most of the  projects  i do there will be something particular a child will want painted, for this little girls bedroom it was a dolphin theme.Dolphins are a popular theme with children and grownups alike, there is something very beautiful about these graceful mammals that glide though water.In this mural i used an image of dolphins swimming into the deep. I like to  have light filtering through the water, and the play of it on the sand ripples, it adds light to the mural and creates the contrasts which in turn create depth in the mural.To add to that sense of depth I added a whale and a deep-sea diver in the distance. The way to do this is to keep the detail to a
minimum while making sure that all your detail in the foreground are very detailed , a watered down color paint wash is also added over images in the background to blend them more into the body of water they would be surrounded by. The whale image was another request from the little girl.Other features added to the room was a border that i painted around the room as well as customised curtain tie backs ,these were added to run the theme throughout the room. This wall mural took me two days two days to do. If you would like to see more under sea wall murals have a look at the gallery. This is but one of the many dolphins i have had the privilege of painting.



dolphin wall mural cape town 2

dolphin wall murals cape town 2



dolphin wall mural cape town 3

dolphin wall mural cape town 3

Wall Murals : Under sea – wall mural

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