Wall murals-Sea side

Wall murals : Sea side – wall mural.

An outside painted wall mural of a beautiful sea view , can be used as a focal feature in  your garden.Wall murals don’t always need to cater for kids rooms. I sometimes I get a request to something  more realistic. A lady contacted me that use to live near the sea but had to move. She was missing the sea view she had and wanted to know if i was able to paint a mural of a picture she sent me.  The one  thing that intimidated me most was the pattern of the sea  sand, my thoughts were focused on how i  would get the sea sand  to have that  wavy effect and make it look real. To my delight the sand pattern  worked out fine. She was delighted , with the result. The one thing that I surprised myself with this wall mural project ,was that it only took me a day to paint.

wall mural sea side [UNSET] (11)


Wall murals : Sea side – wall mural.

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