Importance in Recycling Plastic Wall Mural

Importance in Recycling Plastic Wall Mural


Once again, a School In Gugulethu had the opportunity and privilege to join with a group of British students to experience a cultural exchange and to paint a Recycling Plastic Wall Mural.

 To the delight of both schools, the British teenagers got to experience Cape Town beauty and  its challenges. They got to meet new friends and see life in Africa in a whole different way. It was a busy week for both schools with many scheduled events. In amongst these the student got the opputunity to paint a wall mural. The design was drawn up by Kysia one of the talented teachers that has led groups on these trips many times. Loved the image even though Kysia assured me it was only done in a matter of hours, which only gives you an idea to her artistic talent.

The theme was a world theme and it’s the issue of recycling a dangerous material to our environment – plastic. It’s a call to  awareness and action. I was extremely grateful to be part of this journey and the subject is one close to my heart. Had the great opportunity to spend some wonderful days with some wonderful students, as they set out to paint this mural. The overall result in my opinion was a beautiful mural created by students, joining hands from across the world. That set out to open minds and understanding of our difference and our similarities. And the value of appreciating people for how they are and not for were they come from.

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