Wall murals-jungle animals boys theme

Wall murals-Jungle animals boys theme. 

wall mural shark themeWall mural jungle animals painted in boys with the use synthetic grass instead of a standard carpet. Creates a wild jungle looking bedroom. Other elements were added to finish off the effect like a mosquitoe net for example.
I  did these murals for two delightful boys that I have grown very fond of. Sometimes you meet a family that you just connect with, they feel like friends in no time. These murals were all about  fun,I loved paintings these characters. It is hard not to paint them without smiling , they have that  comic look about them. I also loved the colors , they were so bold and bright. The one room had a shark theme with a chalk board that both boys I hear use regularly. Besides the wall murals ,other projects included white washing of the boys side tables,the repainting of the bedroom wall mirrors and the outside vibracrete wall mural. 


wall mural shark theme wpid-cymera_20131113_140334.jpgwpid-cymera_20131104_154206.jpg wall murals jungle animals.jpg


Wall mural art :Jungle animals boys theme. 

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